Experienced in taking on the Tories

Solid local reputation

Track record of local achievement

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Looking to deliver a better Enfield Southgate

The cost of living crisis continues to affect people in Enfield Southgate whether it is the cost of fuel, personal debt, lack of jobs or the need to support friends or family members through these difficult times. We need greater investment in the local area and to ensure that we help those in greatest need. We need to pay a London living wage and to ensure that essential local staff can afford to live and work in Enfield Southgate. I will campaign on these things and more both as your candidate and your MP.

Farmers Market

Fabulous to meet Ana Remigio and the traders of the farmers market at Kings Market N14 in Ashfield Parade, Southgate. Great to see the priority fund money being used for such a good purpose. More meetings planned to address expanding the market.

Accountable and accessible to the local people

I will promise to make myself accountable and accessible to local residents and ensure that local needs are met by Parliament and locally. I will hold regular surgeries in fixed locations as well as roving surgeries and engage with people via e-mail, social media and phone.


  • Experience

    I was the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Enfield Southgate in 2010 and I have fought and won five local Council elections winning the former Tory held ward of Palmers Green in 1994. I know how to win elections and how to campaign and have built up a solid base as a springboard to launch our campaign from.
  • Local Roots

    I have lived in the area all my life and went to Enfield schools and I have built up a strong local reputation. As a local politician my work starts as soon as I step outside the front door where people recognise me and talk to me about their concerns whether it is on the station platform or in the street. Many of my friends and family live locally. I am Enfield through and through.
  • Track Record of Local Achievement

    Being in power is all about doing things and making a difference to people’s lives. In Enfield Southgate I have delivered many things such as stopping Palmers Green library form being moved, getting an after school club set up at Hazelwood school, getting funding for a Green gym at Broomfield Park and the installation of alleygates across Palmers Green.