About Me

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I was the Labour Parliamentary Candidate in Enfield Southgate in 2010.
I have been a councillor for Palmers Green ward since 1994 taking the seat from the Tories and winning five local elections. I am presently the Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture, Localism and Young People on Enfield Council.

I have lived in Enfield Southgate all my life. I went to Tottenhall Infants, St Michael-at-Bowes junior school (where I am now a school governor) and Chace Boys Comprehensive School. I went to Tottenham College and then to Liverpool Polytechnic where I read Law and was elected to be Vice President of the Students Union in 1990. I am member of UNISON and GMB unions.

I am solicitor and work for Hackney Council in the Housing Litigation Team. I am a trustee of the charity Positive Women and was a founder member of Chair of Enfield Law Centre. I was a director of the London Arts Board. I am also a governor of Eversley Primary School.

Why I want to be your Parliamentary Candidate

Seeking Your Nomination to be your Labour Parliamentary Candidate .

It was a privilege to be your Labour Parliamentary Candidate in 2010 and I am again seeking your nomination be the Labour Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Enfield Southgate. Having lived in the area all my life and seeing the damage being done by this callous Tory-led government I know Enfield Southgate needs a Labour MP who will stand up for our community, help bring prosperity to the area, support those hardest hit and not give tax cuts to millionaires. I am best placed to be your Candidate for Enfield Southgate.

Beating the Tories – Winning in Enfield Southgate.

I was elected as a councillor for Palmers Green in 1994 when we won the Council seat from the Tories for the first time. I have held the seat ever since. I know how to take on the Tories. I led our campaign here in Enfield Southgate for winning back Enfield Council in 2010. We did this through hard work, clear messages and connecting with the electorate. I want to build on that success to win back Enfield Southgate for Labour.

Local Candidate Local Experience.

I love Enfield and grew up here. Many of my friends and family live in the area. As a child I went to St Michael at Bowes Junior school. I am now a governor there. I am a councillor for Palmers Green Ward. This is the ward that I live in, so what happens here matters to me. I am a passionate campaigner and you will see me out campaigning week in week out as I have done locally for years. I am the genuine Labour voice for the people of Enfield Southgate.

Delivering Labour Values in Enfield Southgate.

As a Cabinet member for Enfield Council I have a proven track record of showing how Labour can make a difference even in these tough times. I have helped introduced a London Living Wage for all council staff; we are providing more school places to meet the needs of our growing population; we have started building new Council homes for the first time in decades; I have championed the refurbishing of our leisure centres and rebuilding of our libraries to name but a few of the things. I have a positive message and a real record of achievement locally.

Finishing the job.

With only 16 months to go to the general election I know that with my local reputation as a hardworking councillor, my name recognition throughout the constituency and my experience and drive as a campaigner together with your support we can finish the job and win for Labour in Enfield Southgate.