As Your Parliamentary Candidate I will:

  • Help create a Strong Party by engaging with members and affiliates such as trade unions, actively recruit new members and help provide training for those who want to develop their skills for the party.
  • Campaign – I will campaign regularly and take the fight to the Tories
  • Fundraise – I will raise funds for the campaign and for the local party
  • Have more Political Education – I will hold regular political education events organised with the assistance of the local party so that we can have a proper discussion about issues that matter.
  • Be accountable to you by coming to meetings and reporting back and listening to your views.
  • Organise more socials Labour party members are some of the most remarkable people I know and being a member should also be about getting to know fellow comrades and having some social time together.

As Your MP I will:

  • Housing – I will follow on from Enfield Council’s house building initiative to ensure more affordable housing in Enfield Southgate
  • NHS – I will monitor local services to ensure the proper provision of health care following the downgrade of the A&E unit at Chase Farm Hospital
  • Living Wage – I will build on the decision by Enfield Council to pay a London Living Wage to its staff to ensure pay keeps in line with profits.
  • Investment in Jobs – I will support small businesses and seek more investment for jobs and apprenticeships locally.
  • Redistribution – I will campaign to ensure that large corporations pay their fare share of tax by campaigning for closing of loopholes and local taxation.
  • Work closely with the Council
  • Maintain surgeries and a constituency office

My achievements for Enfield Southgate:

  • I, with council colleagues, saved Palmers Green library from being relocated
  • I voted through, with council colleagues, a London Living Wage for Enfield Council staff
  • I secured the closure of Broomfield Avenue N13 for road safety reasons
  • I persuaded the Council to acquire Lacey Hall for Hazelwood Schools N13 and for use as a children’s centre
  • I was involved with Operation Payback – getting young offenders to clear alleys behind Rylston Road N13
  • I secured funding for the Palmers Green Festival and Open Studios Art Trail
  • I secured mobile CCTV cameras for Palmers Green
  • I approved a new gym and studio facilities at Southgate Leisure Centre N21
  • I secured funding for Broomfield Park’s Green Gym
  • I got alley gates installed across other locations